Our Story

This company was founded by Robert Lee (Bob) Hall, Jr in 1933 after the repeal of Prohibition. He started the operation with a single truck, using a private garage and an old ice house as storage. Among his first brands were Senate and Old Georgetown, brewed in Washington, DC by old Heurick Brewing Company and Gunther. In 1934, was among the first wholesalers in Maryland to be awarded the Budweiser brand.

After Mr. Hall’s untimely death in 1951, the company was owned and managed by his son Robert Hall III.  Unfortunately, he too died at an early age in 1961, and the company came under the ownership of his wife Evalina Hall, Josephine Hall Slingluff, his mother, and Josephine Hall Kelly his sister. Evalina Hall (Mitchell) became the President and Leader of the company and remained in that role until she stepped down in 2017. Her role as owner and president of a beer distributorship was quite rare as few women were in that position in the early 1960s. Today, the company is owned by the third generation of the Hall family along with Dan Hoose, the General Manager.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from developing strong relationships within our company, our industry, our community and with legislative leaders at the various levels of government.  We, further, strive to serve our community, our employee family and our customers in an honest and ethical manner that leads to the mutual prosperity for all concerned.

Bob Hall distributes to Calvert, Charles, and Prince George’s Counties.

Vision Statement

Who and What Our Team Strives to Be:

An Elite Beer Company in the eyes of our brewer partners and importers, our customers, and even our competition. We will do this by exemplifying the highest standers for personal, business and performance integrity. Quality is in our DNA and is always a priority. Our quality vision extends to our beers, our service, our social responsibility, the environment and our business ethics.

Gold Medal Customer Service Providers. We make our living from our customers. It is our role as a distributor, and the expectation of our partners, that we provide superior service and training for our customers. Our Customers are our lifeblood and they deserve our best efforts and intentions every day.

Respectful of All Cultures and Laws. We will represent our company and our industry with core values that respect all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. We will abide by all laws and fulfil the regulatory responsibilities expected to our tier in the three tier system.

Entrepreneurial Leaders and Teams, each operating within their respective roles as if Bob Hall, LLC is their business – because it is. We desire that each department leader think creatively, adjust appropriately, teach and coach compassionately and leas aggressively to deliver results that are in the top 1% of industry benchmarks.

Teammates In A Team Game working with a shared vision of what success looks like. Teammates that come to work every day with an understanding of the importance of their respective roles in fortunes or failures of each other, our company and our brewer and retail partners.

A Continuous Learning and Performance Culture that attracts top talent and the best business partners to insure sustained growth for our company. We aspire to inspire employees to continuously cultivate new skills and create more value in themselves. We aspire to be the knowledge leader for all beer segments and the preferred consultant for our customers for all things pertaining to beer.

A Shared Results and Rewards Company that appreciates and compensates team members proportionately to the value that their talents contribute to our mutual success. In order to attract and retain the best people, we must have compensation, benefits and skill development opportunities that are among the best in our area.

A Technologically Progressive Company that uses technology to enhance productivity and provide a competitive advantage for all stakeholders.

A Company Dedicated To Sustainability and Community Involvement – We embrace our responsibility to give back to the communities we serve. Community service is a major part of what defines us. We will be a role model for responsible business practices that preserve energy, promote recycling and protect our environment. We will provide ongoing support to conservation groups and social causes that fund environmental improvements efforts, healthy living initiatives and historical preservation projects.

A Family – We care about balance and we must show that we care. We Should Smile, Make Friends, Socialize, Have Fun, Share and Communicate because it is a part of who we are. Our actions will always speak louder than our words.

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